Altitude Lab Solutions (Colorado and Arizona) is a multi-vendor service and sales company specializing in repairing Gas Chromatographs, Mass Selective Detectors, Liquid Chromatographs, Purge and Trap, Ion Chromatography, and Total Organic Carbon instruments.

Specializing in Sales, Rentals, Repairs & Calibration of "Direct Reading Instruments". Plus Mobile Laboratory Rentals & Sales (Ohio).

Champion Air Testing (Michigan) provides testing and certification of clean rooms, biological safety cabinets, chemical fume hoods, laminar flow hoods and isolator glove boxes. They also provide consultation and decontamination services, and replacement or repair of clean air environment devices.

ITS, located in West Chester, Pennsylvania, is the premier solution for installation, calibration, repairs, preventative maintenance and other laboratory services. Comprised of three divisions, they expertise in metrology, process controls and analytical instruments.

QAM Asia (Singapore) has become a leader in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, electronics and solar industries for contamination control and construction-related services. In addition to providing analytical services and leak testing, they also provide QA/QC and inspection services.

Teledyne Instrument Services (multiple locations in US) delivers a complete portfolio of maintenance and service capabilities for a wide array of analytical instruments. Offering installation services, and factory and on-demand repair, they can help you optimize performance and maximize productivity.


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